Cimbal Classic: Bylo a není (There Was and There Is Not)

Dalibor and Katerina Štrunc, two Czech cimbalom (hammer zither) players, perform solo, duet and with a small ensemble of saxophones, oboes, mandolins, guitar, bass guitar in a invigorating 'new folk' mode.

Press from the record label:
Bylo a není aneb Kdo ví jak to je (There Was and There Is Not or Who Knows How It Is) seems to be the album of one theme. But appearances are sometimes deceptive and deceptions sometimes appear - This motto lined up from the texts sung by Katerina and Dalibor Štrunc and their Cimbal Classic puts well the atmosphere of this album. More than a one-hour record brings seventeen authorial songs. Small poetic messages are balanced by various music parts with imaginative and original instrumentation. Besides cymbalom and its traditional instrumental companions, the unusual but nice - colorfully resonated instruments appear, which gives another dimension to the "cymbaloclassic folk chamber music" (saxophones, oboes, mandolins, guitar, bass guitar). Music of the fifth album of the band Cimbal Classic is not in principle different from the music on the previous albums. Kater(ina and Dalibor Štrunc (among others violinists and cymbalist of the band Javory) and their songs are just looking for new ways and unbeaten paths for their endearments.